Love Unlimited: The Joy and Challenge of Open Relationships

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TitleLove Unlimited: The Joy and Challenge of Open Relationships
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsWik, S., & Linssen L.
Refereed DesignationDoes Not Apply
Date Published08/2010
PublisherFindhorn Press
Place PublishedUK
ISBN Number978-1-84409-183-6
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Open relationship, polyamory, friends with benefits... Are these the new faces of 21st century relationships? Or are they simply recipes for relationship disaster? In Love Unlimited we follow the stories of 12 couples and individuals who are grappling with the complexities and challenges of “responsible non-monogamy”.

Join the authors as they share the fascinating wisdom found in these stories and in parallel practices from Taoist cultures and ancient texts, and offer respectful, honest options for sustainable partnerships. There are many!