Power of the wheel the Falun Gong revolution

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TitlePower of the wheel the Falun Gong revolution
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsAdams, I., Adams R., & Galati R.
Date Published2001
ISBN Number0773732705
KeywordsLi, Honzhi, Persecutions -- China, Spiritual exercises, Wheels -- Religious aspects -- Buddhism

Anyone who was intrigued by their first exposure to Taoism or Buddhism in a world religions high school class will immediately be drawn into this story. The exploration of Falun Gong's place in the religious pantheon of Chinese history is a fascinating one, and the probing of the movement's apparent contradictions is presented judiciously. . . . {The book} ends rather abruptly, almost as if a concluding chapter got chopped off. While readers may be left with the impression that the parts here are greater than the whole, the work is nonetheless a necessary inquiry into a force which may yet shake loose the foundations of the most populated country on the planet. (50-500 words)