The Yijing and Chongxuan Xue: An Onto-Hermeneutic Perspective.

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TitleThe Yijing and Chongxuan Xue: An Onto-Hermeneutic Perspective.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsAssandri, F.
JournalJournal of Chinese Philosophy
Pagination397 - 411
KeywordsBUDDHISM & culture, Chinese, Hermeneutics, Philosophy, REASONING (Logic), STUDY & teaching, TAOISM – Doctrines, YI jing

The article explores how the teaching of Chinese philosophy such as Daoist, Buddhist, and the lingbao can be related to the teaching of Yijing. It refers to the Twofold Mystery as a Daoist philosophical method employing a Buddhist method that has considered the use of reasoning based on the four propositions called tetra lemma siju. The logic of tetra lemma came from India which has formed the conceptual tool intellectuals of all traditions used in philosophical inquiries.