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Submitted by James Miller on Thu, 12/23/2010 - 13:00
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Daozang 道臧

A complete list of titles of the 1445 Ming Zhengtong Daozang has been uploaded to the bibliography database, and is indexed under the author "Daozang" and the keyword Ming Zhengtong Daozang. Titles in Chinese and pinyin can also be searched in the bibiliography section, or in the general search bar on the right hand navigation column.

The titles all contain links to PDFs of the titles, but so far I have only uploaded the first 334 of the titles. If you would like me to upload a specific text, please get in touch.

Registered researchers who are logged in will see a comment form at the bottom of each record. This is to enable you to add notes or comments about the texts, with a view to expanding the information already contained in the Schipper & Verellen volumes.

Click here to see the list of titles in the Daozang.

Zangwai daoshu 臧外道書

The bibliography database now features the 991 titles of the Zangwai Daoshu, following the corrected version that appears in Louis Komjathy's Title Index to Daoist Collections. Each record links to a PDF of the 36 volume edition published by Ba-Shu Chubanshe in 1992. Once you have downloaded the PDF you can find the specific text by referring to the page number indicated in the biliography record. Note that these refer to the Chinese page numbers that you will see in the PDF file. Each volume is 15-30MB in size and thus may take some time to download.

Other Daoist e-texts

The website also contains copies of Daoist texts in simplified Chinese characters from Sichuan University's Institute for Daoism and World Religions (