Identifying Daoist Humour: Reading the Liezi

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TitleIdentifying Daoist Humour: Reading the Liezi
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsChan, S.
EditorChey, J., & Milner Davis J.
Book TitleHumour in Chinese Life and Letters: Classical and Traditional Approaches
Pagination73 - 88
Date Published2011
PublisherHong Kong UP
ISBN Number9789888083510
Keywords499-200 B.C. Warring States period, CHINESE literature, humor, Lia Dsi¬8, Licius, Lie Yu K"eou, Lie Yukou, Lieh Yu¬5-k"ou, Lieh-tzu (fl. 4th C B.C.), Liezi (fl. 4th C B.C.), prose, Resshi, Taoism