Dao De Jing: Ancient Immortal's Theory of Everything

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TitleDao De Jing: Ancient Immortal's Theory of Everything
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsArchangelis, I.
Conference NameDaoist Studies Boston 2014
Date Published06/2014
Place PublishedAmazon online
Type of Worksection of the published book
ISBN Number978-1499530629
KeywordsALCHEMY, Boston2014, Dao De Jing, Immortality, Lao Zi, Metaphysics, Nei Dan, Tao, Theory of Everything

Dào Dé Jing is one of the most translated and studied texts in the world. Its wisdom has inspired people for millennia and while it has been approached from many different points of view, the author hopes that his cross-disciplinary perspectives of a science and technology professional, Taoist priest and an active Nei Dan practitioner, might offer additional contributions to the subject.

Before meeting his teacher, Wudang Tao Master Yun Xiang Tseng, author had practiced Tai Chi for years and read hundreds of books about Eastern philosophy, having some of them, like Yì Jing, fell apart in his hands after couple of decades of heavy use. However, the authentic alchemy practice, passed on by the teacher, introduced a quantum leap in his understanding, through amazing auto-alignment of the numerous pieces of the puzzle. The increased energy and relaxed mind made possible to see One Truth that "just is" (instead of seemingly unrelated information from many authors and many texts), effortless and not-conflicting with personal experiences or any science or religion.

The goal of the present work is to provide a faithful translation to Lao Zi's original text (providing supplemental literal meanings of each Chinese character), read from a "Zone" (a system of reference) of the Taoist practitioner, as well as its relatively advanced interpretation, using the related paradigms of other scientific or esoteric knowledge systems, familiar to the author and hopefully to other researchers.

The succinct "recipes" (fang), which Tao masters use to transmit their wisdom, essentially match "Laws of Nature" or "Design Patterns" of the modern science and technology, just in a different expression form. Dào Dé Jing analysis provided in the present work shows one-to-one mapping of Lao Zi's patterns to some modern scientific theories, most importantly to the concepts of Universal symmetry (self-reflection through change) transformations and invariance. Expressed in the language of popular science, many mystical concepts become more familiar, recognized as a part of Nature. Even the Immortality becomes just an invariant aspect of the continuous individualization journey.

Lao Zi's words do not demand belief to any authority or axioms, the principles are systematically built one upon the other, introducing a general purpose framework that reveals and links together many crucial aspects of the world and our existence and could be thus rightfully considered to be an ancient "Theory of Everything" as well as the Road-map for the Individual harmonization with the Universe.